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About The Book

Jesus is Timeless. Jesus is Now.

GOD WITH US: The life-changing story of Jesus. Told for our times.

Take the journey to experience the Good News of the Gospels like never before!

God with Us tells the story of Jesus from the Gospels of the Bible. The four Gospels are blended into one powerful story - a sequential journey through the life and message of Jesus.

Free study resources inside include personal reflections for each chapter based on the lectio divina method - an ancient practice that can lead to a true dialogue with Jesus. Discussion questions help you go deeper into the message of Jesus - learn how His words answer the questions of our times. A guide to the people and terms in the story is provided for readers who are new to the Bible.

This new edition of God with Us cites the Radiate™ New Testament, a modern Catholic Bible translation developed for young people. Jesus has brought faith, hope, and purpose to millions of people. They found his promises to be true, and he changed their lives. Read the story of Jesus and be inspired to follow Jesus’ teachings and example in your life.